Untitled is a collection of photographs exploring trust, intimacy, and freedom. Some of the subjects are people the artist met for the first time, others are an account of personal friendships and lovers. The introduction is a paragraph of prose, setting the tone for the images that follow. 

Available at Dashwood Books (NYC), Dover Street Market (NYC), Office Newsstand (NYC), Family Bookstore (LA), and Lucy Bookshop (Taiwan) 





Hold Still is a collection of poetry and prose exploring sexuality, love, and loss. It is a memoir of a female artist’s relationships with friends, lovers, and muses. With a backdrop set in New York City and Los Angeles, two places the author and photographer spent most of her twenties, Hold Still’s coming-of-age sensitivity is both raw and vulnerable. Influenced by writers like Patti Smith and John Ashbery, Putnam’s work is unique and nostalgic, reflecting on fleeting relationships in a modern world. 


"Putnam writes for a generation of those who see their youth fleeting: a generation of artists, writers and musicians; a generation struggling to make ends meet, struggling to find a good fuck for more than one night, struggling to conform to the way of life that suited former generations." -- SLUG Magazine


"In an unconventional move, Putnam’s debut book, Hold Still, sees her step away from photography, instead documenting these memories with a compilation of poems, prose and streams of consciousness about love, hate, loss and sexuality. Inspired by Patti Smith and French diarist Anaïs Nin, Putnam has defined her own notion of a very modern-day memoir."-- HERO Magazine