Jenna Putnam’s Hold Still is a collection of poetry and prose exploring sexuality, love, and loss. It is a memoir of a female artist’s relationships with friends, lovers, and muses. With a backdrop set in New York City and Los Angeles, two places the author and photographer spent most of her twenties, Hold Still’s coming-of-age sensitivity is both raw and vulnerable. Influenced by writers like Patti Smith and John Ashbery, Putnam’s work is unique an nostalgic, reflecting on fleeting relationships in a modern world. 


"Putnam writes for a generation of those who see their youth fleeting: a generation of artists, writers and musicians; a generation struggling to make ends meet, struggling to find a good fuck for more than one night, struggling to conform to the way of life that suited former generations." -- SLUG Magazine


"In an unconventional move, Putnam’s debut book, Hold Still, sees her step away from photography, instead documenting these memories with a compilation of poems, prose and streams of consciousness about love, hate, loss and sexuality. Inspired by Patti Smith and French diarist Anaïs Nin, Putnam has defined her own notion of a very modern-day memoir."-- HERO Magazine


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